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About PepVax, Inc.

PepVax, Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company developing a DNA-based drug delivery and development platform. Our novel DNA plasmid delivery system takes a simplified method to delivery and our “Trojan Horse” approach uses the patient’s own cells to manufacture the required proteins, T-cells and antibodies in vivo for cancers, infectious and genetic diseases.

PepVax, Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company developing a DNA-based drug delivery and development platform. PepVax’ co-founder, Dr. Anton Dormer, is a leading expert in peptide design and protein development through computational biology, having developed bioinformatics tools for cancer drug development. Co-founder Mr. Mahesh Narayanan is an experienced entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology, leading the business development strategies for PepVax.

Nucleic and amino acid-based (NAA) drugs, which encompass vaccines, oncolytic viruses, adjuvants, siRNA, and adoptive t-cell technologies, could create a market of over $200 billion by 2025, changing the entire landscape of oncology and infectious diseases. PepVax will be addressing three problems that currently exist with immunotherapy: delivering the drugs effectively, boosting the immune system for better response, and creating new generation of immunotherapies for various diseases on a proven platform. PepVax is designed to enhance this market with its small core of key employees, strong outsourced partners.

PepVax’ SMARTmid™ Vector design is our fully synthetic method for producing plasmid vector particles for mammalian cell transduction and is a powerful template in which to build a drug delivery and immuno-adjuvant platform that could be licensed to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, giving them opportunity to develop in vitro proven treatments, establishing credibility of our rapid development model.

Our Mission

PepVax, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life by designing, producing and marketing novel immunotherapy candidates for cancer and other greatest unmet medical needs. Through innovation and total commitment, we strive to create value for our patients, our employees and our shareholders.

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June, 2015: Paper published by PepVax describing the Epitope specificity and protein signaling interactions driving epidemic occurrences of Ebola disease. Ebolavirus has as main hosts, humans and nonhuman primates where its pathogenic effects result to serious hemorrhagic fever with lethal...

August, 2014: Paper published by PepVax describing a novel strategy of In silico peptide vaccine design for Streptococcus mutans. Several attempts have been made towards the development of a viable vaccine for Streptococcus mutans (S. Mutans). This Gram positive bacterium is..."

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